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Best Season to Visit Rimini

Peak beach season in Rimini begins from mid-June and ends in early September. In August, life does not stop here even for a minute; the buses run 24 hours a day. The craziest week is the one that falls on 15th, becomes the official week of vacation for almost all Italians and the hotel rooms need to be booked in advance, otherwise they won’t be available. Read on for month-wise detailed info.




Best season to visit the ancient sites in Rimini, very pleasant spring weather, when it is neither cold nor extremely hot. It is early to go for swimming.
Average temperature: 16 / 10°C (60 / 50ºF)


Buses begin to ply for one-daytrips to other cities in Italy during the penultimate weekends. At the end of the month, you can already see a few tourists vacationing in the sea, and the water begins to warm up.
Average temperature: 20 / 14°C (68 / 57ºF)


From mid-June, prices for the paid services on beaches start going up, for more detailed info about the beaches, visit the webpage “Beaches in Rimini”. There are already a lot of tourists, and from mid-June, no one would have any difficulties in going to the sea as the water would then have become quite warm.
Average temperature: 25 / 19°C (77 / 66ºF)


This is the perfect time to visit Rimini. During the initial weekends of July, a grand celebration "Notte Rosa" is held here, youth from all over the north of Italy arrive here to enjoy themselves until the morning. All the weekends of July, buses keep running throughout the night (Friday to Sunday).
Average temperature: 27 / 22°C (81 / 72ºF)


This is the perfect time to visit Rimini. Buses are running around the clock all days of August. During the week, when the date 15th falls, you find that maximum number of tourists gathers and the hotel rates are also too high; this is the official week of vacation in Italy.
Average temperature: 27 / 22°C (81 / 72ºF)


Very similar to June: the water is still warm, and the weather conditions are excellent.
Average temperature: 24 / 19°C (75 / 66ºF)


In some years even in October, tourists swim and sunbathe here, though it is not the case every year. Toward the end of the month, the rainy season begins here.
Average temperature: 19 / 14°C (66 / 57ºF)

November - March

In Rimini winter starts in the end of November and lasts until March, the weather is quite mild and warm, compared to that of northern Europe. The temperature rarely drops below 0. In January in Italy there are seasonal discounts on almost all the clothes, so you can’t miss the opportunity to buy some new clothes at amazing prices.
During this period, there are no bus trips to other towns of Rimini.
At this time of the year, it is not recommended to visit Rimini. But, in case if you are bored with the snow and do not wish travelling to hot countries, then spend your vacation in Rimini under stable climatic conditions.

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