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Shopping in Rimini

Rimini is a synonym for inexpensive shopping; generally here you will find low-cost brands. So if you're a fan of world famous brands such as Dior, Prada, then you'd better go to Milan.

Goods sold in Rimini and how much do they cost?

As already stated, very expensive brands are not sold and here you will find reasonably priced clothing popular among Italians. Approximate prices for clothes in Rimini:
T-shirts start at 10 euros.
Shoes: 40 to 100 euros.
Ladies handbags start at 30 euros.
Underwear expensive brands (such as Armani) - 20 euros.
Shirts start at 30 euros.
Fur coats start at 600 euros.

Please note! During seasonal sales (January, February, July and August) almost all goods are sold with a discount of 30 to 70%.

Where it is best to do shopping in Rimini?

Let's look at the top five places:

Rimini Downtown, Italy

1. Esplanade

One of the most popular streets in Rimini stretches along the coast from the port in Miramar and traffic is not allowed in evenings and tourists take a walk along it, admiring the sea and visiting various shops. Here you can find everything from conventional souvenir shops, to expensive jewellery shops and clothing. Normally people buy things displayed in shop-windows. However, these shops are not the main places for shopping.

2. Downtown, Rimini

You find shopping outlets of the most expensive and prestigious brands such as Luisa Spagnoli, Marina Rinaldi and Patrizia Pepe between the main squares of the city and narrow streets. It is worth visiting these shops, if you intend to buy an expensive fur coat or any other very high-quality and expensive clothes.

Shopping Malls, Le befane, Rimini, Italy

3. Shopping Malls

The largest shopping mall in Rimini is Le Befane, which, if translated, means "Witch”. What to hide, this complex looks like a paradise for any girl. There are more than 130 stores to suit persons of different tastes, including many well-known brands.
Opening hours: 9 am to 10 pm. You can reach there by bus Nos.: 8, 9 or 20, which pass through Rimini railway station. We highly recommend you to visit it without fail, to refill your wardrobe.
Address: via Caduti di Nassiriya, 20, Rimini.

Gros Rimini, Italy

4. Gros Rimini

Gros Rimini is a huge shopping mall cum warehouse, it was originally designed only for wholesale, but now it is possible to do retail shopping. One day is not enough to completely go around all these stores. If you want to buy several things, then this is the place for you else go to the mall.
Gros Rimini is located near the Mall Le befane, which is described in the preceding paragraph. Bus No. 8 stops directly at the centre of this huge shopping mall.

5. Outlets

Here, high quality goods produced last year are sold with great discounts. The most popular outlet i.e. The Lab, located near the centre at Viale Vespucci n. 44, Marina Centro. You can reach there by bus No. 11 or 18 (Bus stop No. 14), or even walk up to it.

TAX Free

All about TAX FREE

How does it work?
If you are a citizen of a non-EU country, you can recover about 12% of the price of goods purchased. You may get lesser, as intermediary takes some cut, since the procedure is not very easy to do it yourself.
While buying goods, if the bill exceeds 155 euros ask the seller to issue a tax free receipt, insist on your personal data from passport and prior to your departure from Italy, you must arrive at the airport early (an hour earlier than usual). Before checking-in your luggage, show all the purchased goods and bills, you must get them stamped, and then contact the Tax Free Refund office at the Italian airport or at home, where you will be reimbursed a part of the amount spent.

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