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Mobile telephony in Italy, tips for tourists

Does your operator charge high roaming tariffs in Italy? Most of the times this is the case; so it is always cheaper to buy a temporary SIM card, and enjoy all the services during holidays without thinking about costs.

Major operators in Italy: Wind, Vodafone, TIM.

At the moment, the best tourist operator is: Wind.
The cost of a Wind SIM card: 10 euros, out of which 5 euros will be credited to your mobile account.

We recommend you to be take note of add-on services (activation is free, if you opt for them while purchasing the SIM):
1. All Inclusive: minutes (no connection fee), sms in Italy and unlimited internet (after 1 GB, speed limit of up to 128 kbps). Price: 10 euros for 100 minutes, 100 SMS; 12 euros for 250 minutes and 250 SMS.
2. Additional Internet: For 3 euros, you can add 3 more GB of Internet usage limit at full speed. In addition, you can use your cell-phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot without any additional charges, unlike other operators (if your phone has this feature).
3. ISD calls (Call Your Country): After paying only 1 euro per month, you get access to super tariffs for ISD calls, most of which will cost you less than local calls in Italy. For example: a call to China - 0.02 euros per minute, to USA - 0.2.

Where to buy a SIM card Wind?
In Rimini, you will find many Wind shops, as well as resellers selling SIM cards; you may search on the official website to find a store convenient for you. In any case, you can easily find one of them in the city downtown.
To purchase a SIM card, you will need to present your passport (or another travel document).

There is no more roaming between European countries since 2017.

Still have questions? Write to us and we will try to answer you the same day!

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