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Vacations in Rimini, Italy

Panoramic view of the beach in Rimini

Rimini - the largest resort town on the Adriatic coast (population: 150 thousand), is the centre of Roman Riviera. Its coastline stretches 15 km and touches other localities. It is very easy to get around by urban transport, as you can see regular buses and regional trains on the waterfront. There is a railway station in every village of the Riviera.

Rimini was founded in 268 BC. In the heart of the city you can see an amazing bridge, built over 2,000 years ago, still functioning and not to mention many other buildings from the times of the Roman Empire.

This resort town is very popular especially among Russian tourists; they come here by direct flights from many cities in Russia.
Almost everyone in shops, restaurants and other establishments speaks Russian and English, and even road signs at some places are translated.

Our website describes in detail everything that a tourist must know before going on a holiday tour to this coastal area including the most popular attractions, everything about the beaches there, food, shopping, and night clubs. Check out the menu of our website, and please read your favourite sections. Enjoy your holiday!

Website last updated: July, 2024.

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