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Moving around in Rimini

On the webpage "How to Reach Rimini" we have described in detail how to reach the central railway station in Rimini, but now, you need to get to your hotel, and on this webpage, you will find all the necessary info about the city urban transport.

The network of bus routes in Rimini is very well developed. Without much trouble, you can reach not only any place in the city, but also to nearby towns, for example, to the very famous city Riccione. During the peak season, buses run around the clock.

For more details about nearest cities and how to get there - see "Guided tours".

Bus routes in Rimini

Functioning: main bus routes (No. 4 and 11), which cover the entire coastline of Rimini (No. 4 – Northern and No.11 - Southern) and connect it to nearest towns, ply from about 5.30 am to 2 am with a frequency of 15 minutes along the coast. There are many bus-stops, so bus stops only on request (pull out your hand asking the driver to stop, or press the button on handrail, if you are inside the bus). Routes can be changed at the railway station (near city centre). Tickets must be punched. For night services, see below.
Price: if you buy a ticket to Tabaccheria (Italian Tobacco stalls): the cost of one trip (90 minutes with one change) equals 1.30 euro and for 3 euros you can buy a ticket for whole day (as of 2024). If you buy a ticket from the driver, it will cost you 2 euros for 1 trip.

Main routes (all pass through railway station):
4: along the coast from the railway station and north to San Mauro Mare.
11: along the coast from the railway station and south to Riccione.
8: takes you to the park "Italy in Miniature”.
9: takes you to the Rimini airport and Fabilandiya theme park.
7: take this bus to get to the Dolphinarium.
51: to the park "Aquafan" (in Riccione). Or you can first go to Riccione railway station by bus No. 11, and then take bus No. 58.

A detailed map of all bus routes near the Rimini coastline can be found on this pdf-map, click to open it in a new tab (1 MB):

Night bus services in Rimini

Running hours: July (on Friday and Saturday nights), August (throughout the week).
Routes: Day route No. 11 (from Rimini railway station along the coast southward to Riccione) is replaced by "Blue Line” (Linea Blu) with a frequency of 20 minutes. Route No. 4 (the northern coast from the railway station) - "Azure Line” (Linea Azzurra), here the frequency is one hour. Daytime services are shown in the picture above. Also, yellow line buses run from Rimini to Cattolica (a small town towards south) approximately every 25 minutes.
Price: 5 euros. If you purchase the ticket from driver, the ticket is valid until 7 am, and can be used in daytime buses that start running early in the morning.

Trains: There is a railway station in each of the districts of Rimini, a train passes about every hour here, and you can reach the central Rimini station. Using trains at night is not very popular, as it is located about 500 meters from the waterfront and the frequency of trains is far lesser than that of buses.

Taxi: For more details on pricing and how to book a cab, visit the website: Taxi Rimini. For a short trip along the waterfront, you will have to pay about 10 euros (15 during night).

Cars: There are a lot of parking lots in the city and even on the waterfront, but there is a 30 minute restriction in order to keep the places free for unloading of luggage. Large parking lots are typically located about 500 meters from the coastline, and they are free of charge. If you want to rent a car, it is recommended to do this online, you get a discount of up to 30%; prices can be compared by visiting this website.

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