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Main tourist attractions in Rimini

Map of the tourist attractions:

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We have grouped the most important places of interest in Rimini on this page. Is this your first visit to the city? Then you should definitely get acquainted with this list!

In addition to the sightseeing places, located in the downtown Rimini - there are plenty of bus tours to the nearby towns of Italy, or you can make your own arrangements to catch a train and visit around in this amazing country. For detailed information about nearby destinations and tours, you may read on the "Guided Tour" page.
As for as shopping is concerned, we have created a dedicated webpage "Shopping, Outlets". Are you fond of dancing? Then, have a look at the webpage "Best Night Clubs".

Essential Tips:
- book your hotel accommodation in advance on this website, even if you are not sure about the date of arrival. You can always cancel or change your order for a free.

- all places that are described in detail are marked on the map on the right, so that you can simply plan your trip. Below the map, there is a link to a larger map that will open in a new window.

 1  What to see in the downtown of Rimini

Getting there: there are no buses running to the historic centre of Rimini, but almost all pass through the  2  central railway station of Rimini, and from here, you have to proceed to the downtown, which is very close, and you will find all the required information on the map.
List of sightseeing places:  1  Three Martyrs Square (Piazza Tre Martiri),  3  Piazza Cavour,  4  the Arch of Augustus,  5  Tempio Malatestiano (a, an architectural masterpiece of Gothic-style Franciscan chapel) and of course the very famous  6  Tiberius Bridge, which is already 2000 years old and is still in operation (its construction commenced in the 14 AD).
Description: The historic centre of Rimini is quite an interesting spot, where you can relax and see the historical buildings and monuments erected from the times of the Roman Empire. The map shows the important squares and other tourist attractions, and of course, you will find much more interesting, when you physically see them.

Three Martyrs Square, Rimini, Italy Tempio Malatestiano, Rimini, Italy Arch of Augustus, Rimini, Italy

 7  "Italia in Miniatura" Park

Getting there: bus Route No. 8, for more details about the route, please visit our webpage "Urban transport".
Description: A wonderful park, where you can see all the places of interest in Italy and appreciate their beauty and uniqueness. Moreover, there are interesting tourist recreational facilities that will please both children and teenagers. What to talk about the lovely romantic places: You will be able to sail in a gondola boat along a tiny replica of Venice.
Opening hours: depend on the season, from about 10 am to 6 pm, for more details visit the park’s website.
Entry Fee: depends on the season, about 20 euros (as of 2024), for more details visit the park’s website.
Status: open.

Italia in Miniatura Park, Rimini, Italy Italia in Miniatura Park, Rimini, Italy Italia in Miniatura Park, Rimini, Italy

 8  Theme parks

Description: there are four very famous theme parks near Rimini:  8  Mirabilandia,  9  Aquafan plus Oltremare (with Dolphinarium) and  10  Fiabilandia, this is a paradise for children, and you will never regret it! And if you do not have naughty children, you may consider visiting another park with recreational facilities for all ages. Oltremare Park (with its dolphinarium), bordered by Aquafan, and you can buy a single ticket to visit both parks within a period of 4 days.

For more details: For more detailed info on fees and recreational facilities, visit the official websites of the parks: Mirabilandia, Aquafan, Oltremare, Fiabilandia.

Mirabilandia, Rimini, Italy Oltremare, Rimini, Italy Fiabilandia, Rimini, Italy

 11  Dolphinarium

Getting there: is situated near the sea in the heart of the city, and you will certainly locate it by looking at the map.
Description: Get acquainted with the underwater life of the most intelligent sea creatures i.e. dolphins. This is a wonderful show that will remain in your memory forever.
Opening hours: seven days a week starting from the last week of March until the first week of October.
Entry Fee: 15 euros, 10 euros for children up to 10 years, free entry to children less than 1 meter tall.
Important: On 13.09.2013, the dolphins were seized for ill-treatment. Now the dolphinarium is closed. We will post in our website as soon as we get new updates.

Dolphinarium, Rimini, Italy

 12  San Marino

Getting there: A bus leaves Rimini Station every hour, which takes you to the centre of San Marino. Bus fare: 5 euros. Or avail yourself of a guided tour, which is described in detail on the webpage "Guided tours".
Travel time: 45 minutes.
Description: A very small independent state, situated near Rimini, should find a place in the itinerary of tourists holidaying on the Adriatic coast.

San Marino, Italy San Marino, Italy

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